Air Jet Erosion Tester AJ-1000

AJ-1000 High Temperature Air Jet Erosion Tester That Conforms to ASTM G76, G211-14. Perform repeated impact tests with Rtec Instruments’ Air Jet Erosion Tester, the AJ-1000. To do this, the tester utilizes a jet of gas loaded with abrasive particles. As a result, the AJ-1000 is capable of measuring the precise erosion of samples. With temperature control up to 900°C, The tester comes with closed-loop temperature. Additionally, the AJ-1000 ranks the erosion of various materials and coatings by subjecting samples to different abrasive particles of a variety of shapes, sizes, temperatures, and impact speeds.




Rtec Instruments

Rtec Instruments develops and manufactures advanced mechanical and surface testing and measurement solutions for research and industrial applications. We specialise in combining techniques that provide a unique perspective in material testing. Our testers include tribometer, profilometer, scratch tester, high-temperature indenter, and corrosion testers. Furthermore, our testers provide the most robust and versatile platform in the market for testing friction, wear, adhesion, hardness, roughness, and film thickness from nano to macro-scale.


Key Features

  • Conforms to ASTM G76, ASTM G211-14
  • Measurement of particle velocity
  • Temperature up to 900 °C
  • Variable particle feed

A Look Inside

Each AJ-1000 includes an air pressure controller and a pressure gauge. Standard or user selected abrasive media are capable of evaluation.


Erosion Sample

High Temperature Furnace


Touch Screen Interface
Easy to learn and operate the AJ-1000 comes with a user friendly touch screen interface.

The AJ-1000 can go up to 900 °C temperature. Study the effect of temperature with in-line temperature monitoring and PID closed-loop control.
Double Disc Velocity Measurement
The time-of-flight of the particles is determined over a controlled path length between two rotating disks. This double disc velocity method allows precise process control in real time.
Mixing and Impingement Angle
Software parameters control the mixing of hot air and erodent particles. The angles of impingement change to multiple positions including 15 30 45 60 90 degrees.
Erodent Particle Feed System
Stainless steel hoppers and vibrator with programmed motorized screw conveyor
Erodent feed rate – 1 -10 gm/min
Particle hopper capacity – 1 liter
Particle speed – 30-150 m/sec


  • Abrasion, Erosion Resistance
  • Metal: Air Jet Erosion
  • Polymer: Jet Erosion


  • Aerospace 

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