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P-170 Stylus Profiler

Product Features

Key Features

  • Step Height Repeatability of 4Å on a 1μm step
  • Long Scan Over Full 200mm Stage
  • 2D & 3D Measurements Including Stress
  • Auto Pattern Recognition & Sequencing
  • Automatic Wafer Cassette Handling System
  • Seamless Automation Recipe Transportability
KLA P-170 stylus profiler, with an example 3D surface topography image

Automatic Sample Handling & Inspection

The KLA P-170 Stylus Profiler combines the marketing leading measurement technology of the P-17 with the production proven HRP®-260 automated sample handling system. This combination makes the P-170 a powerful and flexible solution for inspection applications in the semiconductor, compound semiconductor, and other related industries. The sample handling system supports up to two cassette stations, and samples between 75mm and 200mm in diameter, with fully automatic handling.

A comprehensive set of automation features are available with the P-170, including defect review, sequencing, pattern recognition, and integration with SECS/GEM and HSMS. KLA’s Pattern recognition algorithms provide automatic sample alignment, enhancing measurement stability and reducing operator error. Automation recipes are fully transportable between systems.

P-170 Stylus Profiler system and vibration isolation platform

High Measurement Repeatability

With over 40 years of experience developing surface metrology technology, the UltraLite® sensor used in KLA’s P-170 is highly advanced, with excellent measurement speed and accuracy. The UltraLite® sensor features constant force control, which improves measurement stability, and enables the accurate measurement of soft materials such as photoresist. The UltraLite® technology also provides market leading measurement repeatability, with a step height repeatability of 4Å on a 1μm step.

A high vertical resolution and range, from nanometres to 1000μm, allows the UltraLite® sensor to provide unprecedented detail and clarity in surface measurements. The wide Z range allows for greater flexibility when measuring samples with large variations in topography.

Unmatched Scan Length Of 200mm

The P-170’s automatic stage is able to perform long scans across the full 200mm diameter of the stage, in a single continuous scan without the need for scan stitching. The full diameter of sample wafers can be measured in a single scan. With a 200mm long scan length the P-170 is a market leader, and provides unmatched accuracy and efficiency.

An example 3D step height image

Comprehensive 2D & 3D Measurement Capabilities

The P-170 offers a fully featured range of 2D and 3D measurements suitable for production environments. Step height can be measured with a vertical range from nanometres to 1000µm. Detailed 3D topographies can be produced for surface visualisation and defect review. The UltraLite® sensor’s constant force control allows for accurate measurement of soft materials.

2D and 3D measurements of texture, including roughness and waviness, and 2D surface bow and shape measurements are also supported. The P-170 can also be configured for measuring 2D and 3D stress for samples with multiple layers. With the P-170’s motorised 200mm stage, 2D stress measurement can be measured in a single scan across the diameter of a sample without stitching. 3D stress uses a series of 2D scans, rotating the stage between scans.

An example 3D surface topography
3D Surface Topography
An example 3D stress map
3D Stress Mapping

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Specification Sheet

KLA P-170 Specification Sheet