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P-17 Stylus Profiler

Product Features

Key Features

  • Step Height Repeatability of 4Å on a 1μm step
  • Long Scan Over Full 200mm Stage
  • Auto Pattern Recognition & Sequencing
  • Advanced Apex 2D & 3D Surface Analysis Software
  • 3D Stress Capability
  • Constant Force Control Sensor
KLA P-17 stylus profiler, with an example 3D surface topography image

Unrivalled Scan Length & Advanced Sample Stage

The KLA P-17 Stylus Profiler features a motorised stage capable of performing long scans up to 200mm in length, without the need for scan stitching. The full diameter of sample wafers can be measured in a single scan. The P-17 has the longest scan capability on the market today.

The P-17’s sample stage also has a variety of advanced enhancements, such as automatic stage levelling. Before scanning the P-17 will take measurements at the start and end of a scan, and automatically adjust the stage tilt to correct levelling and improve accuracy. The stage can be configured with a variety of sample chucks to support a wide range of applications.

An example 3D step height image

High Measurement Repeatability

Building upon over 40 years of surface metrology development, KLA have designed the P-17 to utilise highly advanced measurement technology. Performing 2D and 3D measurements with the P-17 is fast and accurate. The P-17 features the UltraLite® sensor, with constant force control, high linearity and unmatched repeatability and reproducibility. With a step height repeatability of 4Å on a 1μm step, the P-17’s repeatability is the best in the industry.

The UltraLite® sensor also provides unprecedented detail in measurement, featuring the highest vertical resolution on the market. A wide 1mm Z range allows for greater flexibility in handling samples with large topography variations.

Comprehensive 2D & 3D Measurement Capabilities

The P-17 provides a comprehensive range of 2D and 3D measurement types, for both production and research applications. Step height can be measured with a vertical range from nanometres to 1000µm. With the UltraLite® sensor’s constant force control, measurement stability is ensured, and soft or delicate samples be measured accurately.

Measurement of texture, including roughness and waviness, and form, including bow and shape can also be measured. The P-17 is capable of measuring stress in both 2D and 3D. 2D stress measurement can be measured in a single scan across the diameter of a sample, utilising the P-17’s long 200mm scan length to avoid the need for stitching.

An example 3D surface topography
3D Surface Roughness
An example 3D stress map
3D Stress Mapping

Advanced Automation & Pattern Recognition

To make surface measurement as efficient as possible in production environments, KLA provide a comprehensive set of automation capabilities for the P-17. Automated defect review, sequencing, pattern recognition, and integration with SECS/GEM and HSMS are all possible on the P-17 platform.

The P-17’s pattern recognition capabilities utilise pre-taught patterns to automatically align a sample. This allows the P-17 to make fully automated measurements with enhanced stability, and reduces inaccuracies introduced by operator error. With the P-17’s defect review features, a wafer map can be loaded and specific areas can be inspected, and highlighted for further investigation. Automation recipes can be seamlessly moved between systems for maximum flexibility.

Screenshots of the P-17’s pattern recognition system recognising an area of a sample

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Data Sheet

KLA P-17 Data Sheet

Specification Sheet

KLA P-17 Specification Sheet