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Oxford Instruments Upgrades

AZtecOneGO EDS System for COXEM Table Top SEMs

AZtecOneGO is a fast and simple solution for Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS) in desktop SEMs. Providing a materials characterisation capability that is powerful yet simple to use, AZtecOneGO is the ideal solution for elemental microanalysis.

AZtecOne & x-act EDS System

AZtecOne is an easy to use but powerful solution for Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS) in SEMs. An accurate and featureful, yet simple materials characterisation system, AZtecOne is an elemental microanalysis solution with proven reliability.

AZtecLive & ULTIM Max EDS System

AZtecLive is a revolutionary new way to perform EDS analysis. Live chemical X-ray imaging provides a real time view of a sample's chemistry, making EDS analysis faster and easier than ever. Powerful SDD sensors offer unparalleled speed and sensitivity.

AZtecLive & ULTIM Extreme EDS System

ULTIM Extreme provides the ultimate spatial resolution and low energy performance for in-situ EDS. Optimised for imaging and EDS in ultra-high resolution FEG-SEMs, ULTIM Extreme provides high resolution and low energy materials characterisation.

AZtecHKL and Symmetry EBSD System

Symmetry is a revolutionary EBSD detector based on a custom CMOS sensor, with exceptional performance. Providing high speed and high sensitivity, Symmetry suits all EBSD applications without compromise. AZtecHKL EBSD software provides real-time data acquisition and analysis.

INCA WAVE & INCAEnergy+ WDS System

The only in-situ SEM WDS spectrometer with the same fully focussing geometry used in EPMA, INCA WAVE has 2x greater resolution and produces stable, reproducible results. Excellent performance, with effective peak separation and trace element detection.