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Optical Profilers

Zeta-20 True Colour 3D Optical Profiler

The Zeta-20 3D optical profiler provides exceptional 3D imaging and metrology. Based on proprietary ZDot technology, the Zeta-20 images and analyzes surface features on samples of all types: smooth to rough, low reflectivity to high reflectivity, transparent to opaque. All hardware is easy to install and easy to use.

Zeta-300 True Colour 3D Optical Profiler

The KLA Zeta-300 Optical Profiler is a 3D non-contact surface topography platform with support for large samples and integrated vibration isolation. 6 different optical metrology methods are integrated supporting of a variety of materials.

Zeta-388 True Colour 3D Optical Profiler

Fully automatic 3D surface topography in a fully-featured platform. Supports cassette-to-cassette wafer handling, and automated sample inspection and defect review, with pattern recognition. Highly accurate and efficient, and simple to operate.

Profilm3D Optical Profiler

The Filmetrics Profilm3D is a highly affordable 3D optical profiler, suitable for a range of surface topography, roughness and step height applications. Capable of achieving sub-nanometre vertical resolution. Automatic XY stages with up to 200mm travel available.

MicroXAM-800 Optical Profiler

The KLA MicroXAM-800 Optical Profiler utilises white light interferometry technology to measure features from nanometres to millimetres with a combination of phase and vertical scanning. Simple to operate and setup up, and easy to automate with scriptable measurements.