CN Tech are exhibiting at Tribolink 2023 (6th & 7th November - The Exchange, Birmingham)

Tribolink is a thrilling event dedicated to the world of tribology, covering friction, wear, and lubrication.


What to expect:

1.    Captivating Presentations: Expect a series of informative and engaging presentations from experts in the field of tribology. These presentations will cover a wide range of topics, from cutting-edge research to practical applications in the industry.
2.    Thought-Provoking Discussions: Join in on discussions that delve into the latest developments in the world of tribology. You'll have the opportunity to ask questions, share your insights, and gain a deeper understanding of this fascinating realm.
3.    Networking Opportunities: TriboLink will bring together professionals, researchers, and students who share a common interest in tribology. Networking is a fantastic way to expand your connections, collaborate on projects, and share experiences.
4.    Student Research: Explore the latest research conducted by students in the field of tribology. This event provides a platform for young and talented minds to showcase their work and receive valuable feedback from experienced professionals.
5.    Innovative Solutions: Discover cutting-edge solutions and technologies that are revolutionizing the world of tribology. You'll gain insights into the practical applications of these innovations in various industries.
6.    Career Insights: This event offers insights into the career opportunities available in this niche but essential field. Learn about the diverse career paths and options for professional development.

Tribolink 2023 is a unique chance to connect, learn, and be a part of the STLE UK TriboLink 2023 community. We look forward to meeting you there!

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