Spicer Consulting Limited announces CN Tech as their new distributor in UK and Republic of Ireland

Spicer Consulting Limited announced that CN Technical Services has become the latest addition to its expanding distributor network. CN Technical Services is an UK-based company with a worldwide customer base, specialising in surface analysis and materials testing for research and industrial applications. The company has a prominent service-oriented mindset and can provide a complete package, including supply of equipment, installation, support, maintenance, and repairs. Moreover, CN Technical Services has recently added environmental inspections – using Spicer’s popular site survey systems – to its list of offerings, and will be supplying Spicer’s full range of magnetic field cancelling (SC22, SC24, SC26), analysis (SC11) and monitoring (SC28) systems to its customers in the UK and Republic of Ireland. Combining Spicer’s technology with its acoustic and vibration isolation products will enable CN Technical Services to provide a complete solution to protect electron microscopes – as well as other ebeam tools – from all forms of interference that can decrease performance.


Clive Nottingham, Owner of CN Technical Services Limited, explained: “Partnering with Spicer felt like a natural choice; the company has a very good reputation, and its products have proven very useful to our customers. We work a lot with semiconductor labs and universities, which often have a lot of external disturbances – like vibrations and magnetic fields – that make them unsuitable for sensitive equipment such as electron microscopes. It is therefore important to perform an environmental survey prior to installation. We used to do this through a third party, but now we can save time by performing these checks ourselves using Spicer’s products, as well as supplying Spicer magnetic field cancelling systems to compensate for any issues we uncover. It’s a win-win situation.”

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