Society of Electron Microscope Technology 2021 Meeting

CN Tech is heading for the Natural History Museum in London, for the annual meeting of the Society of Electron Microscopy Technology (SEMT).

SEMT was founded in 1970, and draws membership from academic and industrial electron microscopists from around the UK. The society holds an annual meeting each December, to discuss the latest advances and research in electron microscopy, and provide opportunities for UK microscopists to meet and network. Full details of the event, including the agenda for talks, can be found on the SEMT website.

This year, CN Tech will be exhibiting our range of Scanning Electron Microscope systems from COXEM, which includes desktop SEMs with integrated EDS. We are also keen to discuss our range of SEM upgrades and accessories, including in-situ tensile stages from Swift Instruments, in-situ nano indenters from KLA Instruments, and plasma cleaning systems from Evactron. Attendees can also learn more about the comprehensive range of microscopy lab supplies we offer from Electron Microscopy Sciences (EMS).

The 2021 SEMT annual meeting will be held at the Natural History Museum, London, on 8th December 2021.

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