Rtec-Instruments launches Surface Materials Tester SMT-5000

Rtec-Instruments is proud to introduce its Surface Materials Tester SMT-5000 on the market. This new versatile instrument offer multi-techniques surface testing and analysis in one platform:


  • Instrumented Indentation for hardness, Elastic Modulus, Creep …
  • Scratch Testing for coating adhesion and scratch/mar resistance …
  • Tribology Testing for friction coefficient and wear rate studies …
  • 3D profilometer for failure analysis, surface topography …
  • Spectral reflectance for fast and non-destructive coating thickness and optical constants


The various interchangeable modules and load ranges allow the SMT-5000 instrument to be the most complete system on the market for coatings, bulk materials, lubricants, real components, and much more.


The SMT-5000 instrument is the first answer to the increasingly complex testing requirements for surfaces across many industries– from liquid to ultra-hard solid materials with nm resolution.


Please contact us to arrange a call back from an applications specialist, to book a demo or for more information about this instrument.

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