NEW King by Ernst - Portable Brinell Tester

The King Brinell Tester units are lightweight, easy to manoeuvre and require only one operator, making them ideal for use as portable units. Versatile enough to test virtually any size and shape of metal specimen, these testers are easy to use. The operator simply places the specimen between the anvil and the test head, cranks the test head down onto the specimen, locking the tester in place, closes the pressure release valve, and pulls the hydraulic lever until desired load is reached. How easy does that sound!

The tester applies up to a 3,000 kg load on a 10mm ball, making a lasting impression, which is available for re-reading at any time. The sleek stainless steel design with a walnut wood handle makes the King Portable Hardness Tester practical to use, robust and easy to maintain. The contrast of the stainless steel and walnut handle gives the King Portable Hardness Tester a stylish edge. In March 2016, CN Technical Services Ltd was appointed UK representatives for King by Ernst and are available to assist with any queries you may have. Contact our technical team today on: +44(0)1354 669899 /

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