Nanomechanics Inc Acquired by KLA-Tencor


Nanomechanics Inc has recently been acquired by KLA-Tencor, combining the Nanomechanics range of nanoindentation tools with the KLA-Tencor Nano-indenter G200.

The comprehensive range of innovative nano-indentation products developed by Dr Warren Oliver will now be united under one brand. The iNano, iMicro, InSem and Nanoflip product lines will now be sold alongside the Nano-Indenter G200 and T150 UTM systems, all under the KLA-Tencor brand.

Both KLA-Tencor and Nanomechanics Inc are strongly committed to ongoing research and development. KLA-Tencor has invested over $2B in R&D over the past 4 years, and Nanomechanics Inc have continued to develop new designs to push the limits of nano-mechanical testing.

As a distributor for KLA-Tencor, CN Technical Services is excited to work with the Nanomechanics team and add the Nanomechanics product lines to our extensive selection of testing solutions. Nano indenters from Nanomechanics can be relied upon to deliver accurate and precise measurement of hardness, modulus and other material properties.

Click here to discover more about the Nanomechanics range of nano indenters.


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