KLA-Tencor Acquires Nano Indenter Product Line from Keysight Technologies

As of Monday 2nd April 2018, KLA-Tencor has acquired the Nano Indenter product line from Keysight Technologies. This extends KLA-Tencor’s surface metrology product suite to include a range of products well matched to customer’s broader requirements. The Nano Indenter product line is complementary to KLA-Tencor’s current offerings, and enhances KLA-Tencor’s product suite to provide advanced instruments for nanoscale mechanical testing.

CN Technical Services Ltd is proud to continue to be a distributor for the Nano Indenter G200, an accurate, flexible, user-friendly instrument for nanomechanical testing. Superior dynamic range in force and displacement is achieved via electromagnetic actuation. This allows the Nano Indenter G200 to provide measurement of deformation over six orders of magnitude, from nanometers to millimetres. The Nano Indenter G200 can also execute scratch and wear testing on an expanding range of materials.

Click here to discover more about the KLA-Tencor Nano Indenter G200

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