Filmetrics, a KLA Company appoints CN Tech as exclusive distributor for Middle East

Filmetrics® joined the KLA Instruments group on March 6, 2019 and became Filmetrics, A KLA Company. The Filmetrics series of thin-film measurement instruments expands KLA’s benchtop metrology capabilities into measurement of film thickness, n, and k. The Filmetrics Profilm3D® optical profiler extends the line of KLA instruments that measure surface topography, providing a new option for applications that don’t require the full capabilities of KLA’s existing instruments. Filmetrics worldwide application support and sales offices continue to provide rapid response to customer needs.

The Filmetrics® range of affordable reflectometers deliver high-precision film thickness measurements in seconds. These easy-to-use tools, combined with intelligent software and a broad range of accessories and configurations, provide maximum versatility in film thickness measurements ranging from 1nm to 3mm.

CN Tech, already an exclusive distributor for KLA Instrument products (Stylus, Optical, & Nano indenter) in UK, Scandinavia, and Middle East are now proud to offer an extended portfolio of thickness measurement products on an exclusive basis via our Middle Eastern distribution channels.

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