CN Tech & Park Systems RMS SPM Meeting

CN Tech is pleased to announce our attendance at the RMS SPM Meeting.

The RMS SPM Meeting is an annual meeting organised by the Royal Microscopy Society held to discuss the latest developments in scanning probe microscopy technologies. From the study of calcium dynamics in cardiac cells to the electrical imaging of graphene and 3D printing at the nanoscale, this year’s SPM meeting aims to showcase the diversity of state of the art SPM techniques.

CN Tech is attending the RMS SPM meeting alongside Park Systems, a leading innovator in nanoscale microscopy and metrology for over 25 years. Park Systems offers a complete range of AFM systems for research and industry, and offer unparalleled accuracy and ease of use. As the UK distributor for Park Systems, we are excited to share Park System’s cutting edge technology with the UK’s leading researchers. We are also keen to discuss our wider range of surface analysis solutions with attendees.

The RMS SPM Meeting will be held at University of Leeds, 25th – 26th June 2018, and we look forward to meeting you there.

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