CN Tech at Aorta: Structure to Rupture


The Liverpool Aortic Biomechanics and Biochemistry Research Group is holding its 2nd annual meeting today at the University of Liverpool. CN Tech is here today, sharing our surface analysis and sample preparation solutions with the biomedical research community.

Our range of Park Systems Atomic Force Microscopes have can help enable new nanoscale research, in biochemistry and beyond. With our comprehensive selection of laboratory supplies from Electron Microscopy Sciences (EMS), the best analytical and imaging performance can be achieved.

Hosted by Dr Riaz Akhtar, a Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Engineering, Aorta; Structure to Rupture will discuss the biochemistry and biomechanics of aneurysms. Innovative bioengineering techniques for new vascular research will also be featured.

We hope to we can meet you here today!


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