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Nano Indenters

iNano® Nano Indenter

The KLA iNano Nano Indenter is an accurate, flexible, and user-friendly solution for performing mechanical tests on thin films and soft materials. Supports a comprehensive selection of mechanical tests. Configurable with a variety of options for maximum applications flexibility.

iMicro Nano Indenter

The KLA iMicro Nano Indenter makes measuring hard coatings, thin films, and small volumes of material easy. A wide range of nanomechanical tests are supported, and interchangeable actuators allow testing of hard and soft materials. A highly flexible platform with many configuration options.

NanoFlip® Nano Indenter

The KLA NanoFlip® Nano Indenter can perform a variety of mechanical tests with high accuracy and speed in both vacuum and ambient conditions. Designed for in-situ use inside SEM and FIB systems, the NanoFlip® can synchronise SEM images with mechanical test data.

InSEM® HT Nano Indenter

The KLA InSEM® HT performs mechanical measurements at high temperature, independently heating both the tip and sample in a vacuum environment. Designed for in-situ testing inside a SEM or FIB system. The InSEM’s InView software provides real-time deformation viewing.

Nano Indenter® G200

The Nano Indenter® G200 system is an accurate, flexible, user-friendly instrument for nanoscale mechanical testing. Production-proven, and with a host of upgrade options, the G200 supports a wide range of nanomechanical measurement types and materials.

Nano Indenter® G200X

The KLA Nano Indenter® G200X is an accurate, flexible, and user-friendly solution for nanoscale mechanical testing. Able to measure a variety of material properties, fully upgradeable and expandable, the G200X a production-proven platform with a high throughput.