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Nano Indenter® G200

Product Features

Key Features

  • Electromagnetic Actuator
  • Modular Testing Options
  • Intuitive & Fast Setup Interface
  • Real Time Experiment Control
  • High Speed Express Test
  • Versatile Surface Imaging Capabilities
KLA G200 nanoindenter, with an example image

Accurate, Flexible, & User-friendly Nano Indentation

The culmination of decades of research and development, the KLA Nano Indenter G200 is the world's most accurate, flexible, and user-friendly instrument for nanoscale mechanical testing. Electromagnetic actuation allows the Nano Indenter G200 to achieve unparalleled dynamic range in force and displacement. Furthermore, KLA's innovative Express Test option, an award-winning technology that allows the world's fastest nanoindentation for mechanical-properties mapping, is compatible with all G200 indentation DCMII and XP heads, and stages.

The Nano Indenter G200 enables users to measure Young's modulus and hardness in compliance with ISO 14577. The G200 also enables measurement of deformation over six orders of magnitude (from nanometers to millimeters). Modular options can be added to accommodate a variety of applications. The capabilities of the G200 can be extended to facilitate frequency-specific testing, quantitative scratch and wear testing, integrated probe-based imaging, high-temperature testing, expanded load capacity up to 10N, and customizable test protocols.

With the Nano Indenter G200, users are able to quantify the relationship between structure, properties, and performance of their materials quickly and easily with minimal sample preparation. The user-friendly design of the G200 simplifies training requirements - standard tests can be run on the same day the instrument is installed. Every G200 is backed by highly responsive KLA customer service personnel. Knowledgeable and experienced regional applications engineers are available to guide users through more advanced testing, provide outstanding technical support, and offer unmatched applications expertise.

Advanced Design

All nanoindentation experiments rely on the accuracy of the fundamental load and the displacement data, requiring the highest precision control of load applied to the sample. The Nano Indenter G200 is powered by electromagnetic actuation-based force transducers to ensure precise measurements. The instrument's unique design avoids lateral displacement artifacts.

Among the many benefits of the Nano Indenter G200 design are convenient access to the entire sample tray, excellent sample positioning accuracy, easy viewing of the sample position and the sample work area, and simplicity in sample height adjustment to speed test throughput. The modular controller design is optimized for future upgrades. In addition, the G200 conforms to ISO 14577 to ensure data integrity, gives users the ability to program experiments with each force transducer and switch between them at any time, and has an optimized lateral footprint to conserve lab space.

Enhanced NanoSuite Professional Software

Every Nano Indenter G200 comes with KLA NanoSuite Professional software, a premium-performance package that gives researchers in scientific and industrial settings an unprecedented combination of speed, flexibility, and ease of use. NanoSuite offers a variety of prewritten test methods, including an exclusive nanoindentation technique for making substrate-independent measurements of thin film materials, several novel techniques for testing polymers, and improved scratch test methods. KLA's field-proven method for testing in compliance with ISO 14577, the international standard for indentation testing, is provided as well.

NanoSuite includes a fully integrated tool that greatly simplifies the determination of indenter area function and load-frame stiffness. Once a rather involved and time-consuming endeavor, this process now requires only a couple of mouse-clicks within the NanoSuite > 6.2 program. Prewritten methods for testing gels (DCM II indentation head and CSM option required) and for measuring strain-rate sensitivity (XP indentation head and CSM option required). Additional new capabilities allow a standard batch of tests comprising 25 or more samples to be set up in 5 minutes or less, 2D and 3D graphs and histograms to be plotted on-screen and exported directly to Microsoft Excel while preserving all labels and scales, and sample files to be organized by project and subproject. NanoSuite > 6.2 also provides Microsoft Windows 7 (32-bit) compliance for current systems and a convenient PDF printer to replace hardware printers.

As in the package's previous iteration, an intuitive interface allows users to set up and run experiments quickly - changing test parameters as often as desired - with just a few clicks. NanoSuite > 6.2 offers support of small force/displacement measurements, surface topology, stiffness mapping, scratch tests, and more. Versatile imaging capabilities, a survey scanning option, and streamlined test method development help researchers get from testing to results in record time.

Technical Specifications

Standard XP Indentation Head
Displacement resolution < 0.01 nm
Total indenter travel 1.5 mm
Maximum indentation depth > 500 µm
Load application Coil/magnet assembly
Displacement measurement Capacitance gauge
Loading capability Maximum load (standard) 500 mN
Maximum load with DCM II option 30 mN
Maximum load with High Load option 10 N
Load resolution 50 nN
Contact force < 1.0 µN
Load frame stiffness ~5 x 106 N/m
Indentation placement Useable surface area 100 mm x 100 mm
Position control Automated remote with mouse
Positioning accuracy 1 µm
Microscope Video screen 25x (x objective mag.)
Objective 10x and 40x
DCM II Indentation Head Option
Displacement resolution 0.0002 nm (0.2 picometers)
Range of indenter travel 70 µm
Loading column mass < 150 mg
Load application Coil/magnet assembly
Displacement measurement Capacitance gauge
Typical leaf spring stiffness ~100 N/m
Typical damping coefficient 0.02 Ns/m
Typical resonant frequency 120 Hz
Lateral stiffness 80,000 N/m
Loading capability Maximum load 30 mN (13 gm)
Load resolution 3 nN (0.3 µgm)
Express Test Option Time per indentation Standard < 5.0 sec
High Load Option
Maximum lateral force > 250 mN
Lateral resolution < 2 µN
Maximum scratch distance > 100mm
Scratch speed 100 nm/s up to 2 mm/s
NanoVision Option
X-Y scan range 100 µm x 100 µm
Z scan range Indentation head dependent
Positioning accuracy ≤ 2 nm
Resonant frequency > 120 Hz

Product Downloads


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