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MicroXAM-800 Optical Profiler

Product Features

Key Features

  • Phase & Vertical Scanning Interferometry
  • SMART Acquire Automated Setup
  • Z-Stitching Interferometry Mode
  • XY Stitching for Large Scan Areas
  • Simple Scripting Environment for Automation
  • Powerful Software Algorithms
KLA MicroXAM-800 optical profiler, with an example 3D surface topography image

High Resolution Optical Profilometry

KLA’s MicroXAM-800 is a non-contact 3D surface topography measurement platform with exceptionally high-resolution imaging. The MicroXAM-800 can perform surface measurements with angstrom-level resolution, producing images and analysis with incredible detail. Both Phase Scanning Interferometry (PSI) and Coherence Scanning Interferometry (CSI) are supported, providing maximum flexibility.

The MicroXAM-800 is able to enhance these techniques for higher resolution performance by decoupling the vertical resolution of measurement from the numerical aperture of the objective. This enables higher resolution measurements, and a wider field of view. KLA have further enhanced the MicroXAM-800’s capabilities with Z and XY stitching, to provide the widest support for scanning large surface areas with great variance in step heights.

MicroXAM-800 optical profiler system hardware

Comprehensive 3D Measurement Capabilities

A fully comprehensive suite of measurement types is supported by the MicroXAM-800. Step height and 3D topographies can be created, with step heights ranging from nanometres to millimetres. 3D texture can be measured, quantifying a surface’s roughness and waviness. The MicroXAM-800 can also measure form, including bow and shape. Edge profile measurements can be made, and visualised in 3D, to determine the edge profile or edge flatness of samples. A range of measurements and 3D visualisations for defect review are also supported.

3D step height image produced by the MicroXAM-800
3D Step Height
3D roughness image produced by the MicroXAM-800
3D Roughness
3D edge profile image produced by the MicroXAM-800
3D Edge Profile

Powerful & Easy to Use Software

To make the MicroXAM-800 easy and straightforward to operate, KLA have developed the SMART Acquire software system. SMART simplifies the acquisition of surface measurements, using powerful software algorithms to automate acquisition setup. The user only needs to input a vertical scan range, the then the SMART Acquire system will automatically optimise the mother scanning parameters to generate the best results.

The MicroXAM-800’s software platform also includes a number of advanced features. Both XY and Z stitching is supported, allowing the MicroXAM-800 to scan large surface areas and large divergences in step height. A range of automation capabilities are also included. KLA have developed an easy to use scripting environment that makes automation easy, with a drag and drop interface. Operation can be fully automated, including taking measurements in multiple sample locations.

Screenshot of the MicroXAM-800 operating software, showing a step height measurement

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