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CN Tech specialises in all areas of materials testing for research and industry.

Introducing our Product Partners

EMS / Azer Scientific

EMS is committed to providing the highest quality products for all fields of microscopy, histology, and general laboratory research. They have partnered with Azer Scientific to become the leading solution provider for research, industrial, and clinical lab supplies and services.


The NIGHTSEA® Stereo Microscope Fluorescence Adapter adapts just about any stereo microscope for fluorescence with no modification to the microscope itself.


The EMS Swiss Personal Line of Tweezers from Rubis merges precision engineering with ultra-modern technology.


Developed in 1875, Dumont produces high quality handmade tweezers. Only the highest quality steel is used in the manufacturing of Dumont tweezers.


Citifluor, a division of EMS, have developed a range of antifadent mounting media which greatly reduces the fading of the fluorescence of fluorochromes, or fluorescent dyes used for labelling biological specimens.


Located in India, Holmarc manufactures a variety of scientific and engineering instruments for research, industry, and education.

“I am very happy with the Nightsea, it serves its purpose for us well in genotyping / phenotyping Drosophila larvae expressing fluorescent proteins. A fraction of the cost of a conventional fluorescence dissecting microscope.”

Richard Ribchester, School of Biomedical Sciences, University of Edinburgh.

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