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Dr INVIVO 4D 3D Bioprinter

Product Features

Key Features

  • Modular Dual Print Heads
  • Wide Temperature Range
  • Sterile Chamber for High Cell Viability
  • Reliable High Resolution Printing
  • Easy Touch Screen Interface
  • Supports Many Biomaterials
Dr INVIVO 4D 3D Bioprinter, with a close-up showing the syringe dispenser printing head in operation

Introducing Dr INVIVO 4D

The Rokit Dr INVIVO 4D bioprinter is a flexible, reliable and intuitive platform for enhancing complex, precision-based tissue engineering and regenerative medicine research. Rokit have developed Dr INVIVO 4D as a comprehensive solution for biomedical researchers and material engineers to pattern cells, biomolecules, and polymers.

Dr INVIVO 4D has been designed with a modular, dual print head system, allowing a wide range of biomaterials to be handled with ease. Materials can be deposited using 3 types of printing technology, including syringe dispenser, filament extruder, and hot-melting pneumatic dispenser. With the widest printing and bed temperature range available, complex multi-material 3D composite structures, from tissues to novel biocompatible materials can be fabricated.

Sterility and high cell viability is ensured by its closed chamber, with HEPA filters and UV sterilising lamps. Dr INVIVO is also easy to use, with a user-friendly touch screen interface, automated setup, and a remote monitoring system.

Dr INVIVO 4D Bioprinter with the printing chamber door open, to show the modular printing heads and bed

Modular Dual Print Head Design

The Invivo 3D Bioprinter has been designed for maximum flexibility, with modular dual print heads. Filament extruders, syringe dispensers and pneumatic dispensers are all available, and can be quickly and easily exchanged during setup. The standard Invivo system can be configured with a filament extruder and syringe dispenser, and can be upgraded with the pneumatic dispenser, enchanted temperature control and a heated bed.

A diagram of the Dr INVIVO 4D modular filament extruder
Rokit's filament extruder is suitable for a range of synthetic polymers such as PCL, PLGA, PLLA, PLA, and many more. The extruder can have a 0.2mm or 0.4mm nozzle, and heat filaments at up to 250°C.
A diagram of the Dr INVIVO 4D modular syringe dispenser
The Invivo syringe dispenser can handle a variety of bioinks, powder mixtures such as hydroxyapatite and chitosan, and hydrogels such as collagen, gelatin and fibrin. Rokit's proprietary dispensing technology improves cell viability when dispensing bioinks. Dispensing temperature control between -5°C - 80°C and dedicated UV curing lamps can be added as upgrades.
A diagram of the Dr INVIVO 4D modular hot melting pneumatic dispenser
An optional pneumatic dispenser for working with various types of polymers and high-viscosity materials requiring temperature and air pressure controller is also available. Material can be deposited at up to 350°C, and at 10 bar of pressure, making the pneumatic dispenser suitable for medical-grade polymers.

Sterile Environment for High Cell Viability

The printing chamber of the Dr INVIVO 4D bioprinter is a closed environment with an integrated clean bench system, consistently providing an optimal environment for cell growth. Cleanliness and sterility are maintained with an advanced H14 HEPA air filtration system and a UV sterilising lamp. Air filtration and UV sterilisation can be easily controlled with Dr INVIVO 4D’s touch screen interface. Medical-grade air filters are also used in the air pressure system for the optional pneumatic dispenser, further ensuring a contamination free printing environment.

The hygienic features of the Dr INVIVO 4D helps to ensure a high cell viability when bioprinting. Bacterial contamination is reduced up to 99.9%, and a cell viability of greater than 90% is maintained for up to 3 days.

A close up of the sealed printing chamber of the Dr INVIVO 4D, which features UV sterilisation lamps and HEPA air filtration

User Friendly and Convenient Operation

Rokit's Dr INVIVO 4D bioprinter is easy and intuitive to operate, with a user-friendly touch screen display. A simple graphical interface guides users through the setup procedure and allows the printing status to be monitored. Common setup tasks such as bed levelling are automated. An integrated camera allows users to visually monitor the progress of prints even when away from the printer.

Prints are prepared and configured with Rokit's NewCreatorK slicing software. NewCreatorK allows users to load CAD designed 3D models, position and arrange them on the printing bed, and configure printing options. Prints can then be uploaded to the Dr INVIVO 4D via USB or Wi-Fi connection.

Technical Specifications

Standard Upgrade Premium
Print Heads Filament Extruder Yes Yes Yes
Syringe Dispenser Yes Yes Yes
Pneumatic Dispenser Yes
Temperature Control Filament Extruder Room Temperature to 80°C
Syringe Dispenser -5°C to 80°C
Pneumatic Dispenser Room Temperature to 350°C
Printing Bed -5°C to 80°C
Air Pressure Up to 1000 kPa
Nozzle Diameters Filament Extruder 0.2mm and 0.4mm
Syringe Dispenser 0.08mm and 0.2mm
Pneumatic Dispenser 0.1mm and 0.5mm
Build Volume 100mm x 100mm x 80mm
Printing Speed 3-20mm/s
Curing Methods Chemical Cross-Linking
UV Photo-Polymerisation
Sterilisation UV Lamp - 12W, 254nm
H14 HEPA Filters
Interface Touch Screen Display
Wi-Fi Connectivity
Remote Monitoring

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Inspired by Nature, Healthcare Innovation by Invivo. 3D Bioprinting of Human Tissues and Organs.