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InSEM® HT Nano Indenter

Product Features

Key Features

  • InForce 50 Actuator with Tip Heating
  • Sample Heating up to 800°C
  • InQuest High Speed Controller
  • XYZ Motion System for Sample Targeting
  • Synchronised SEM Video Capture
  • Software Interface with Configurable Experiments
The KLA InSEM® HT nanoindentation stage, with an example image of the heating system

High Temperature In-Situ Nano Indentation

KLA’s InSEM® HT nano indenter provides high temperature nanomechanical testing capabilities for use in-situ inside imaging equipment. The InSEM® HT can perform nanomechanical tests at temperatures of up to 800°C in vacuum environments. Independent tip and complete sample heating is used to provide maximum flexibility and accuracy. The complete surface of a sample is heating to maximum temperature, maximising test are and eliminating thermal gradients. Real-world use had demonstrated the InSEM® HT’s results compare well to conventional macro-scale high temperature testing.

In-situ testing can be performed inside the chambers of scanning electron microscope (SEM) and focused ion beam (FIB) instruments from a range of manufacturers., and inside standalone vacuum chambers.

A closeup of the InSEM® HT nanoindentation stage during high-temperature operation

Synchronise Imaging & Mechanical Testing Data

To provide a nano indentation solution that is both simple and powerful, KLA have developed the InView software package. InView provides an elegant software interface, with both flexibility and ease of use. Guided test setups allow users of all experience levels to quickly configure effective mechanical tests. A comprehensive range of tests are available out of the box, with configuration options for custom test protocols also included.

InView provides the ability to synchronise live imaging and mechanical testing data. Real time images from a SEM or other imaging instrument are displayed together with incoming test data, which can also be recorded for later analysis. With InView, it is possible to gain a greater level of insight into tip and surface interactions.

A screenshot of the InView software, showing the synchronisation between a live video feed of the stage and real-tile nanomechanical test data

Comprehensive Mechanical Testing Capabilities

To provide the flexibility to suit the widest range of testing applications, KLA’s InSEM® HT is capable of performing an array of different mechanical tests at high temperatures. Hardness and modulus testing (Oliver-Pharr) is fully supported for many materials, including soft surfaces. ISO 14577 hardness testing is included as standard.

The InSEM® HT can also perform high temperature creep measurement and strain rate sensitivity tests, at temperatures up to 800°C. This helps to provide the greatest understanding of the effect of combined mechanical and thermal stressors on materials.

Example data produced by a KLA nanoindenter

Accurate & Efficient Design

KLA have designed the InSEM® HT to provide fast and accurate nanomechanical testing. KLA’s InForce actuators are based up electromagnetic force actuation and capacitance displacement technology. In an InForce actuator, force actuation and displacement measurement have been decoupled. This allows for actuation and measurement to be independently optimised, maximising accuracy and performance. The InForce actuators also have high stiffness and vertical stability, and offer the best calibration stability available.

The InSEM® HT stage features a high frame stiffness, which concentrates deformation in the sample, improving accuracy and resolution. High precision linear optical encoders on the sample stage allow for precise sample targeting.

KLA InSEM HT Stage and InForce 50 actuator

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