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INCA WAVE & INCAEnergy+ WDS System

Product Features

Oxford Instruments INCA WAVE WDS

The INCA WAVE & INCAEnergy+ WDS System from Oxford Instruments is the only WDS spectrometer available which uses the same fully focussing geometry used in EPMA. This design provides a 2x greater resolution, produces stable and repeatable results, and simplifies setup and usage.

Excellent performance is provided by the INCA WAVE WDS spectrometer, with a high resolution for improved peak separation, and high sensitivity for trace elements. Element detection is optimised for speed and performance. The WAVE's design makes it easy to set up, even for less experienced users. With the INCAEnergy+ WDS software, WDS and EDS can be combined.

WDS can be performed in-situ inside the chamber of a scanning electron microscopy. INCA WAVE & INCAEnergy+ can be fully integrated with COXEM's CX-200 Plus Scanning Electron Microscope as an option for materials analysis.

Resolution & Sensitivity

Oxford Instruments' INCA WAVE has a spectral resolution as low as 2eV, which provides excellent peak separation. The WAVE can resolve important overlaps such as Sulfur/Molybdenum easily. Mapping is accurate and unambiguous, with no need for post-collection analysis.

INCA WAVE is up to 100x more sensitive than a standard EDS system. With an unrivalled peak to background ratio, the WAVE has impressive trace element detection.

The INCA WAVE has been designed to have 4-6 diffracting crystals, to detect all elements from Be to Pu. Element detection is optimised for speed, with 2 proportional counters for light and heavy elements.

Quick & Easy Setup

The INCA WAVE is a fully focusing spectrometer with a geometry similar to EDS systems. This means that INCA WAVE is less sensitive to changes or inaccuracy in sample height when compared to parallel beam spectrometers. When INCA WAVE is used with EDS analysis, when a sample is focused for EDS, it is also focused for WDS. There is no need for an optical microscope for setup, simplifying operation and reliability.

INCAEnergy+ WDS Software

Oxford Instruments' INCAEnergy+ WDS software can combine the accuracy of WDS with the speed of EDS. In INCAEnergy+, EDS can be used for quick analysis of a sample, and finding a region of interest. With a swipe of the mouse across the EDS spectrum, WDS is started, and provides improved detection for peak overlaps and minor elements. EDS and WDS data can be viewed together.

INCAEnergy+ provides qualitative analysis with excellent peak separation, and quantitative analysis with accurate trace element analysis.

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