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HumaTein™ Extracellular Matrix

Product Features

Key Features

  • Contains 300 Proteins & 506 Essential Human Cytokines
  • Combine with Hydrogel Forming Materials & Embed Cells
  • Xeno-Free
  • QA & QC Controlled
  • Customizable Humatein™ Production Cell Type
  • Applicable to a Variety of Dilution Media
A vial of ROKIT Healthcare HumaTein™ Extracellular Matrix (ECM), and a synringe being filled with HumaTein™

Matrix Products and Applications

  • Essential

    General cell culture, IPSC culture

  • MSC

    General cell culture, IPSC culture, hESC culture

  • Vascular

    Endothelial progenitor cell culture

  • Muscular

    Muscle satellite cell culture

Ease of Use

HumaTeins’ unique makeup opens new possibilities for regeneration research, at an affordable price. Providing an organ specific, stiffness-controlled environment, HumaTein™ can generate in-vivo like environments for cells, optimizing cell growth and proliferation. 2D and 3D cell culture is made easy with its next generation formulation and customisable cell type production.

The high ECM concentration and balanced composition promotes cell proliferation and migration. The ECM associated cytokines and growth factors mimics in-vivo like signals. Humatein™ matrix is suitable for investigating gene expression responses to drug stimuli on targeted cell types in native human ECM environments.

Combine Humatein™ liquid or powder with hydrogel forming materials such as collagen, fibrin and alginate to generate mechanically sturdy tissue scaffolds with biomimetic, xeno-free features.

Preparation of HumaTein™ Extracellular Matrix (ECM)

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Inspired by Nature, Healthcare Innovation by Invivo. 3D Bioprinting of Human Tissues and Organs.