Whether you need one machine or a whole suit, our unrivalled equipment leasing deals offer great benefits & tax advantages.

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Key Features

  • More cash in the business: Spreading the cost over time meant they could keep hold of their cash, providing greater financial security and enabling them to invest in further growth.
  • Reduced financial risk: All are now less reliant on their banks, keeping lines of credit clear and spreading their risk.
  • Fixed affordable payments: Affordable and fixed payments including VAT costs throughout the term of their agreements make it easy to manage their budgets and avoids nasty surprise costs in the future, even if interest rates rise.
  • Futureproofed workspace: Rather than sinking cash into depreciating assets, when their technology has reached the end of its lifecycle, they can upgrade via a new finance deal avoiding large capital investments at a later date.
  • Total project funding: Their finance deals were structured to include every part of the project from the installation services, software and IT integration, calibration, infrastructure upgrades, consumables to safety measures.

The Finance Process

How applying for finance works:


Introduction Meeting

We will put you in touch with our finance partner, Bluestone, who will assign you a dedicated account manager. They will talk you through the finance options available to you based on your technology projects and what you want to achieve, both now and in the future.


Bespoke Solution

Your Bluestone account manager will then put together a bespoke finance solution illustrating what your expected repayments would be, any tax benefits you could receive, and the opportunity cost savings you could make.


Securing Funding

When they have the financial information they need from you, your Bluestone account manager will approach the right funders for your situation to secure the credit for you. This can take between a few hours and a few days.


Formal Offer

You will receive a formal offer letter. When you sign it, your funding is secured. We will liaise with Bluestone to get the funding in place so your project can get underway.



You will typically start making payments when your project is complete.

Common Concerns

Is finance right for my organisation?

Organisations of every size, across just about every sector, use finance to pay for technology projects and other assets including public sector, corporate entities, charities, SMEs, partner-led businesses, and new start-ups. In fact, many cash-rich businesses choose to use finance rather than paying in cash because of the tax benefits and budget flexibility it provides.

What interest rates am I likely to pay?

The interest rates you will pay will vary depending on the lender, your financial situation, and the terms of the agreement itself.

What if my organisation has poor credit?

Having poor credit will not necessarily stop you from being approved for finance. Bluestone has access to more than 50 lenders, all of which have different funding preferences and credit criteria. Your account manager will know which lenders to approach based on your circumstances.

What if I can’t afford the repayments in the future?

Before you agree to any deal, your Bluestone account manager will go through your current finances and future plans to ensure that you do not enter into an agreement that could hurt your institution in the future.

Can’t I get the same funding from my bank?

Banks do offer asset finance products, but they are limited in what they can offer and you will have a restricted line of credit with them. In addition, banks often want you to put up additional security such as your home, whereas asset finance is usually unsecured.

Is applying for finance complicated?

No, not when you work with a professional finance broker who will structure the best deal for you, guide you through each step, help you with the paperwork, and target your application to the funders most likely to approve it.

How long does it take to apply for finance?

Once your Bluestone account manager has your financial information, a deal could be secured in a matter of hours, but most deals are approved in 5-7 days.

Which type of finance should I use?

The most common financial deals for technology projects are finance leases, but they can include hire purchase or operating lease. The most important point to remember is that there is no one-size-fits-all solution as every project is different. Your Bluestone account manager will be able to structure a bespoke deal to suit your circumstances.

Our finance partner, Bluestone, has been arranging finance for projects for over 25 years, so you can rest assured that you will be in safe hands.

Independent and bespoke finance solutions

While many other finance brokers work on behalf of third party investors (trying to deploy a particular investor’s funds), Bluestone is completely independent. This means you will benefit from impartial guidance and bespoke finance solutions.

25 years’ experience

The team at Bluestone have specialised in asset finance projects for over 25 years, so they have a deep understanding of what it takes to make your project goals a reality through an affordable finance solution.

Transparent, honest and personalised approach

Bluestone take pride in their consultative approach that puts the needs and unique challenges of your organisation first. By getting to know their clients and building long-term relationships they can provide bespoke finance deals that bring success.

Access to a specialist funding panel

Bluestone has access to 50+ funders which is the largest panel in the UK. This saves you time and money and means they will be able to find the perfect funder for your organisation and project.

Whole project funding

Bluestone can also finance other parts of your project e.g., installation services, software and IT integration, calibration, infrastructure upgrades, consumables and safety measures.



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