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F32 Series In-Line Thin Film Analysers

Product Features

Key Features

  • Improves Productivity
  • Accurate Greater Than ±1%
  • Fast Measurement in Seconds
  • Non-Invasive Measurement
  • Easy to Operate
  • Turn-Key Setup
Filmetrics F32 Series controller with integrated light source

A Compact Solution for Comprehensive In-Line Measurement

The Filmetrics F32 series of in-line thin film analysers provides a quick and easy measurement method for production workflows. The F32 technology uses spectral analysis of reflectance from the top and bottom of a film to generate thickness information in real time. The F32 is available in a range of models supporting a variety of thickness ranges.

The F32 series system is compact, fitting into a half-width 3U rack mountable chassis. Up to 4 measurement locations can be monitored. Measurement can be controlled through external digital control, and measurement data can eb exported for statistical process control.

Filmetrics’ FILMeasure software includes a library of over 130 preconfigured materials, and has access to thousands more. New materials can also be added. This makes the F32 series simple to integrate into existing workflows.

An example screenshot of Filmetrics’ FILMeasure software

Thickness Range Model Specifications

Model Thickness Range* Wavelength Range
F32 15nm - 70µm 380-1050nm
F32-EXR 15nm - 250µm 380-1700nm
F32-NIR 100nm - 250µm 950-1700nm
F32-UV 1nm - 40µm 190-1100nm
F32-UVX 1nm - 250µm 190-1700nm
F32-XT 0.2µm - 450µm 1440-1690nm
F32-sX Series 10µm- 3mm 960-1580nm

* Film Stack Dependant

A graph of the thickness ranges supported by different models of the Filmetrics F32 series

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Data Sheet

Filmetrics F32 Series Thin Film Analyser Data Sheet