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F10-HC Single Spot Thin Film Analysers

Product Features

Key Features

  • Intuitive Measurement Software
  • 200μm Spot Size
  • 50nm to 70μm Thickness Range
  • 380-1050nm Wavelength Range
  • Fast Measurement Time
  • Robust & Reliable
Filmetrics F10-HC Series system with light source controller and contact probe

Measurement for Single & Multilayer Hardcoats

Filmetrics have developed the F10-HC to provide fast and accurate thickness measurements for single and multi-layer hardcoats. The spectral reflectance technology of Filmetrics’ F20 platform has been combined with advanced simulation algorithms, to create a reliable measurement platform for hard coatings. The F10-HC is ideally suited for measuring single and multiple layers (such as primer and hardcoat) encountered in polycarbonate and other hardcoat applications.

The F10-HC is used for automotive hardcoat around the world to great success. Accurate and reliable, the F10-HC is backed by a comprehensive support package, including 24-hour online diagnostics and technical assistance.

Filmetrics F10-HC Series controller with integrated light source and spectrometer

Easy to Operate Software

To make film measurement efficient and easy, Filmetrics have developed the FILMeasure software package to power each Filmetrics measurement system. FILMeasure is simple and easy to use, making film measurement straightforward, even for inexperienced operators. With Template Mode, an image of a sample can be uploaded, and measurement points defined visually and superimposed o the image. Operators are automatically notified if measurements are valid at each point.

FILMeasure also provides integration with FIlmetric’s comprehensive online technical support, including online diagnostics and technical help, available 24 hours a day.

An example screenshot of Filmetrics’ FILMeasure software

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F10-HC Single Spot Thin Film Analysers