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F10-Arc Single Spot Reflectance & Thin Film Analysers

Product Features

Key Features

  • Intuitive Analysis Software
  • 100μm Spot Size
  • Measure Reflectance, Colour & Film Thickness
  • Measures in Under a Second
  • Modular & Expandable
  • Compact, Robust & Reliable
Filmetrics F10-Arc Series system

Measurement Technology Ahead of the Curve

With the F10-Arc, Filmetrics’ makes measuring lens and curved surfaces easy, including anti-reflection coatings. The F10-Arc can provide precise measurements for reflectance, colour, and film thickness in seconds. The system is simple to set up and use, requiring no complex training, and is highly robust and reliable.

The F10-Arc has been designed to minimise downtime, requiring little integration time or baselining. A 40,000-hour life light source, and automatic wavelength calibration minimise the need for maintenance. With each Filmetrics tool, a comprehensive support package, including online assistance, is also included.

The F10-Arc features a wavelength range of 380-1050nm. For film thickness, a thickness range of 200nm - 15μm is supported.

Filmetrics F10-Arc Series system

Software Designed for Ease of Use

Filmetrics makes reflectance measurement easy and straightforward with the FILMeasure software package. With only minimal training, users can quickly acquire accurate and reliable measurements. Measurement criteria can be pre-programmed for colour and maximum, minimum, and average reflectance over any combination of wavelength ranges. FILMeasure can be used standalone for analysis purposes.

A fully comprehensive support package is also included, with online support and diagnostics available 24 hours.

An example screenshot of Filmetrics’ FILMeasure software

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Data Sheet

Filmetrics F10-Arc Reflectance & Thin Film Analyser Data Sheet