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Evactron® Zephyr™ Plasma Cleaners

Product Features

Key Features

  • Low & High Vacuum Cleaning
  • Cleans at Turbo Pressure
  • Fast & Efficient Cleaning
  • Desktop or Rackmount Controller
  • “One Button” Cleaning Operation
  • Safe for Delicate Components
Evactron® Zephyr™ system, with plasma source and controller

Zephyr™ Plasma Cleaning System

Evactron have developed the Zephyr™ series of plasma decontaminators specially for SEMs, FIBs, and other vacuum instruments using turbo molecular pumps. The Zephyr™ plasma clears provide fast and efficient hydrocarbon decontamination, and can operating at both roughing and turbomolecular pressures. Effective removal of contamination is essential for ensuring high quality imaging and analysis results.

Zephyr™ plasma cleaners are easy to operate, and feature “one button” cleaning operation. Both desktop and rackmountable controllers are available, with options for external control of cleaning parameters. The plasma cleaning provided is safe for both samples and sensitive components, with no risk of damage.

Evactron® Zephyr™ system, with plasma source and controller

Sample Cleaning

If hydrocarbon contamination is allowed to build up inside instrument chambers or on the surface of samples, the quality of imaging and analysis data will be significantly degraded. The plasma decontamination technology developed by Evactron® for the Zephyr™ plasma cleaners provides and efficient and effective method for removing hydrocarbons, organics, and surface carbon. The Zephyr system will not cause damage to samples or sensitive instruments during cleaning.

A SEM image of a sample with considerable hydrocarbon contamination
Sample with contamination
A SEM image of the same sample after cleaning with an Evactron® system, which has removed the majority of the contamination
Sample cleaned with Evactron


  • Cleans chambers at turbo pump pressures
  • 5-20 Watts RF power
  • 10x improved cleaning rate
  • 1-50 mTorr operating pressure
  • Room air gas source