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Evactron® E-Series Plasma De-Contaminators

Product Features

Key Features

  • High Cleaning Efficiency
  • Compact Size Plasma Source
  • TMP & Turbomolecular Pressure Operation
  • “Pop” Ignition
  • Touch Screen Interface
  • Vacuum Safety Interlock
Evactron® E-Series plasma source and touch screen tablet interface

E-Series Plasma Cleaning System

The Evactron E-Series have been designed to provide a simple to operate method of effective chamber cleaning. Evactron’s EP and ES plasma decontaminators feature the classic Evactron plasma source, which uses and interior electrode, providing compact but high performance cleaning. Cleaning is fast, effective, and gentle, ensuring high-quality and artefact-free imaging and analysis results.

Easy to operate, the E-Series are controlled via touch screen interface, providing simple “one button” cleaning, as well as advanced controls for power levels, timing and cycle operations. Evactron’s E-Series are suitable for use with a range of equipment, including SEM and FIB chambers, high vacuum instruments, and sample preparation chambers.

Evactron® E-Series system, with plasma source, controller, and touch screen tablet interface

Sample Cleaning

A build-up of hydrocarbon contamination inside instruments or on samples will degrade the quality of imaging and analysis data. Evactron’s plasma decontamination technology provides a simple and effective means of removing contamination from samples and equipment, without requiring complex processing or inducing sample damage. The Evactron technology uses RF plasma to chemically etch and remove hydrocarbons, organics and surface carbon.

A SEM image of a sample with considerable hydrocarbon contamination
Sample with contamination
A SEM image of the same sample after cleaning with an Evactron® system, which has removed the majority of the contamination
Sample cleaned with Evactron


  • Dual action cleaning through plasma and UV afterglow
  • Energy efficient hollow cathode RF plasma generation
  • “Pop” Ignition at high vacuum for instant ignition
  • User programmable cleaning recipes, controlling power, cleaning time, and cycles
  • Touch screen tablet interface with Bluetooth communication
  • USB & RS-232 serial interface for external control
  • Wide range of pressure operation between 0.3Pa/2mTorr to 80Pa/600mTorr
  • TMP compatible with no advance venting needed
  • 60X+ faster than earlier generation Evactron models
  • Gentle cleaning does not damage sensitive components - no sputter etch
  • Compact plasma source fits on chambers with confined space
  • Simple “one button” cleaning operation