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CP-8000 Ion Mill Cross Section Polisher

Product Features

Key Features

  • Argon Ion Beam Source
  • Polishes Without Deforming
  • Simple Touch Screen Interface
  • Integrated Chamber Camera
  • Programmable Polishing Recipes
  • Supplied with Alignment Scope
The COXEM CP-8000 system, with an example sample imaged in a COXEM SEM after cross section polishing

A Perfect Finish with Ion Milling

The COXEM CP-8000 Ion Mill Cross Section Polisher can provide the perfect finish for scanning electron microscopy specimen preparation. Using an argon ion beam, the CP-8000 gently removes material from the surface of a sample, atoms at a time. This gentle process does not deform or smear a sample's surface. Used as a final preparation after mechanical polishing or sectioning, the CP-8000 gives a perfect finish for delicate samples.

A SEM image of a cross section of material with multiple layers, prepared with mechanical polishing. The surface has been greatly deformed by the mechanical abrasion, obscuring visibility of the individual layers.
A cross section of multi-layer material, prepared with mechanical polishing
A SEM image of a cross section of multi-layered composite material, prepared with ion mill polishing. The surface features have been perfectly maintained, with clear visibility of each layer.
A cross section of multi-layer material, prepared with ion beam polishing

Intuitive Features & Interface

With its' user friendly 7" touch screen interface, the CP-8000 is very easy to use. The touch screen GUI is clear and intuitive, and settings can be saved as stored "recipes" to make recurring sample preparation tasks more efficient. An integrated camera allows users to view inside the polisher's chamber and adjust the position of shield plate and specimen.


Ion mill cross selection polishing is commonly used in semiconductor and electronics applications, such as vias, solder joints, bonded layers, and any other situation where softer layers may be deformed by more aggressive mechanical polishing.

The CP-8000 is also capable of performing delicate cross sectioning of powders, to examine the internal structure in pharmaceutical and materials sciences applications.

Technical Specifications

Gas Used Ar (argon) Gas
Milling Speed 150 µm/h (Si at 5kV)
Accelerating Voltage 2~8 kV
Beam Diameter Approximately 500 µm
Working Pressure 2.0 x 10-4 torr
Beam Alignment Precision beam alignment using fluorescent screen
Maximum Sample Size 20 x 12 x 7 mm (W x D x H)
Sample Moving Range Z ± 2 mm
Y ± 2 mm
Rotation -35° ~ +35°
Operation 7 inch touch panel display
Evacuation System Turbo-molecular pump (66L/s) and Rotary Pump 100L
Dimensions 590 x 440 x 260 mm (W x D x H)
Weight Main unit 30kg
Rotary pump 23kg
Optional Accessories CCD Camera for viewing the specimen during milling
Power 110V/ 220V, 50/60Hz, Ground 3V, Capacity 1kVA
Temperature 20°C ±5°C
Humidity Less than 70%
Argon Gas 99.99% of more purity
Pressure : 3.0 to 4.0 x 10-1 torr
Ar gas tubing : 1/4-inch SUS piping

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Product Brochure

COXEM CP-8000 Ion Mill Cross Section Polisher Brochure.

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