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    The new Gemini system from KLA is the world's first commercial, isometric multi-dimensional instrument for studying the dynamics of tribology and mechanical testing at the nano-scale. The device can measure the interaction of two objects that are sliding across each other - not merely making contact.
    Continuous Stiffness Measurement (CSM)
    The KLA Continuous Stiffness Measurement (CSM) option satisfies application requirements that must take into account dynamic effects, such as strain rate and frequency. CSM is a powerful tool not only for stiff materials such as metals, alloys, and ceramics but also for time-dependent materials like polymers, structural composites, and biomedical materials.
    The KLA NanoVision nanomechanical microscopy option delivers quantitative imaging by coupling a linear electromagnetic actuation-based indentation head with a closed-loop nanopositioning stage.
    ZETA-20 True Colour 3D Optical Profiler
    The Zeta-20 3D optical profiler provides Exceptional 3D imaging and metrology. Based on proprietary ZDot technology, the Zeta-20 images and analyzes surface features on samples of all types: smooth to rough, low reflectivity to high reflectivity, transparent to opaque. All hardware is easy to install and easy to use.
    ZETA-580 Automated 300mm Metrology
    Fully Automated 300mm capable metrology tool that can address a variety of applications such as bump height, roughness, etch depth, film thickness as well as wafer bow.
    iMicro Nanoindenter
    When material testing requirements demand flexibility, data accuracy is crucial, and ease-of-use essential, the iMicro nanoindenter consistently delivers. This big brother to the groundbreaking iNano incorporates all the test reliability, user-friendly software and instrument capabilities, then ups the performance with high load nanoindentation.
    Alpha-Step D-500 Stylus Profiler
    The KLA Alpha-Step D-500 Stylus Profiler offers high resolution 2D profiling, 2D stress and profile stitching. These features and more are included in an easy to use platform with the best price to performance on the market. The D-500 system has the highest vertical range at 1200 µm, sub-Angstrom resolution and low force, 0.003 to 15 mg.
    New Enhanced Dynamic Contact Module (DCM II)
    The Dynamic Contact Module II (DCM II) option offers all of the impressive performance afforded by KLA's original DCM option as well as several new advantages, including 3x higher loading capability, easy tip exchange for quick removal and installation of application-specific tips, and a wider range of indenter travel.
    Express Test Option
    Designed exclusively for use with the KLA Nano Indenter G200 DCM II & XP heads and stages, Express Test allows up to 100 indents to be performed at 100 different surface sites in 100 seconds.
    ZETASCAN Series
    The ZetaScan series are fully automated 300mm capable defect inspection tools that can address a variety of substrates such as opaque and transparent wafers as well as touch panels, rough ground, polished or unpolished substrates.
    InSEM Microprobe Systems
    A tool for characterizing the mechanical properties of surfaces or structures, designed to function with sub-nanometer resolution in an in-situ vacuum environment.
    P-7 Stylus Profiler
    The KLA P-7 Stylus Profiler offers industry leading measurement readability for reliable measurement performance. With a 150 mm scan stage as standard, the P-7 is the only stylus profiler on the market offering long scan capability without stitching. A 2 µm radius stylus is standard, with options for sub-micron to 25 µm radii available.
Items 1 to 12 of 27 total

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