Herzan was founded in in 199,2in Orange County, California and provides carefully articulated vibration, acoustic, and EMI isolation solutions to the global research community.

Herzan is committed to improving the overall performance of environmental isolation systems with products that provide the lowest noise-floor possible for sensitive research instrumentation. This technology, combined with a focus on delivering exact solutions for customer research needs, provides the best customer experience possible for all users.

Top products in this category

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    Faraday Cages FC
    The Silencer SILENCER
    NanoVault NANOVAULT
    AEK-2002 AEK-2002
    AEK-2011 AEK-2011
    The Crypt CRYPT
    Onyx Passive Vibration Isolation Platform ONYX
    EM Acoustic Enclosure EM
8 Item(s)

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