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Short Description
  • Vibration Isolation Platforms from Daeil Systems offer great performance at an affordable price, and are ideal for isolating COXEM electron microscopes. The active isolation system eliminates vibration in 6 degrees of movement, and is easy to use with auto levelling.

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Product Overview
  • The Vibration Isolation Platforms from Daeil Systems provide excellent performance at an affordable price. These isolation platforms are ideally suited for COXEM's range of desktop Scanning Electron Microscope systems. The active isolation system used provides superior performance to passive systems, and controls vibration in 6 degrees of movement. Vibration and levelling can be monitored in real time, and setup is plug and play with auto levelling and easy operation. A range of 4 sizes are available to suit many applications.

    Active Isolation Provides Superior Performance

    The active isolation system used effectively suppresses low frequency vibration. Active isolation tables have no natural frequency, and so reduces low frequency vibrations, which passive systems amplify. Better stiffness characteristics are also provided as the active platform does not fluctuate compared to passive systems.

    Real Time Vibration Monitoring

    Vibration levels and levelness can be monitored in real time on the table's LCD display. When more detailed monitoring is required, or specific tuning for special applications, the supplied computer software provides advanced monitoring and controls.

    Controls Vibration in 6 Degrees of Movement

    A force feedback system detects vibrations and instantly counteracts them. Inertial sensors and VCM actuators detect and control vibration in 6 degrees of motion, providing excellent stability.

    Plug and Play Setup & Operation

    With an active vibration table, no compressed air is required, and there is no need for complicated installation or maintenance. Installation is plug and play, and with auto levelling operation is easy. The Vibration Isolation Platform has a simple 2 button start - press one button to automatically level, and another to activate the isolation.

    Dimensions (L x W x H) 420 x 500 x 93 mm 500 x 600 x 93 mm 600 x 700 x 97 mm 700 x 800 x 97 mm
    Maximum Load Capacity 90 kg / 150 kg 90 kg / 150 kg 90 kg / 150 kg 90 kg / 150 kg
    Weight 25 kg 32 kg 47 kg 56 kg
    Actuator Electromagnetic actuator
    Maximum Actuator Force Vertical: 6N, Horizontal: 3N
    Degrees of Freedom 6
    Active Isolation Range 0.7 - 100 Hz
    Resonant Frequency 0.6 Hz
    Isolation Performance 90% vibration isolation at 2 Hz
    99% vibration isolation at 10 Hz
    Settling Time Less than 0.5 sec (90% reduction after a disturbance)
    Input Voltage AC 80 - 260 / 50 - 60 Hz
    Power Consumption Less than 36W
    Operating Temperature 5 - 50°C
    Operating Humidity 20 - 90%
    Top Plate No mounting holes / M6 mounting holes / Custom plate
    Automatic Leveling Yes
    Transportation Internal lock system
    Real-time Monitoring Vibration levels and automatic levellin on LCD display

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