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  • The Sawing Machine is a precision low speed saw, specially designed for small delicate samples sensitive to heat. Features a gravity fed cutting system with adjustable force, digitally controlled variable speed, and cutting depth control.

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Product Overview
  • The Sawing Machine is a precision low speed saw, designed for sectioning small, delicate samples with sensitivity to heat. A gravity fed cutting system cuts gently, with adjustable weights to control the downward force of the blade on the sample. The cutting blade draws cutting fluid from a reservoir to cool the sample and blade.

    Available with 3" to 6" cutting blades, to cut samples up to 2" thick.

    Speed is variable, with digital control in 10 RPM increments and LCD speed display. The speed range is 10 RPM to 500 RPM. Touch pad switches control all functions. An optical shut-off sensor controls the depth of the cut.

    Durable and corrosion resistant construction, with removable coolant reservoir and splash shield.

Product Brochure

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