SPT-20 Ion Sputter Coater

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Short Description
  • The SPT-20 Ion Sputter Coater is a simple to use, compact and cost-effective solution for sputter coating non-conductive specimens in SEM sample preparation. Features a user friendly touch screen interface, and supports multiple metal types.

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Product Overview
  • The COXEM SPT-20 Ion Sputter Coater is an easy to use, compact and cost-effective solution for sputter coating in scanning electron microscopy sample preparation. Non-conductive samples can be challenging to image in electron microscope. Electron build up will cause charging, which degrading image quality. A high quality sputter coater can remedy this, by coating non-conductive samples in a thin layer of conductive material.

    COXEM's SPT-20 Ion Coater provides metal sputtering for multiple types of metal, including Gold (Au) and Platinum (Pt). A stable coating is ensured with a built-in coating current feedback function.

    Sputter coating is easy with the STP-20, which features a user friendly touch screen interface. Coating time can be configured via the interface, and commonly used coating settings can be saved as selectable recipes.

    The SPT-20 has a compact size, and the included compact, low-noise rotary vane vacuum pump provides a fast vacuum for best coating results and efficiency. To ensure the best imaging results, an SPT-20 Sputter Coater an ideal accessory for a COXEM electron microscope, such as COXEM's EM-30AX Plus Desktop SEM.

  • Target AU& PT (Guarantee)
    Target Size 50mm
    Power AC 110-240V, 50/60Hz, 50W (except rotary pump)
    Ionization Current 0~9mA
    Chamber Size 100mm [Dia]
    Dimension 420(W)*220(D)*230(H)mm
Product Brochure

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