EM-30 Plus & LE Benchtop Scanning Electron Microscope

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Short Description
  • The COXEM EM-30 benchtop Scanning Electron Microscope offers advanced, high-end features in a compact form factor. This benchtop SEM features high resolution imaging and dual SE and BSE detectors. A 3-axis motorised stage is included as standard for efficient and simple operation.

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Product Overview
  • The EM-30 is one of the most advanced tabletop SEM systems on the market today, offering high-end capabilities in a compact form factor. COXEM have developed the only benchtop SEM configurable with either a Tungsten (EM-30 Plus) or CeB6 (EM-30 LE) electron source. The EM-30 has powerful high resolution imaging capabilities, and features integrated dual SE and BSE detectors. A 3-axis motorised stage as standard and the simple NanoStation operating software assures ease of use.

    Ease of Use

    Ease of use guaranteed with the integrated features of the EM-30, and COXEM's simple NanoStation operating software. Ideal for novice SEM users, NanoStation provides a simple and clean graphical interface, with quick access to common imaging settings. Users can click to move around the sample via a mini-map, which provides an overall view of the sample. Advanced users can access the full range of settings and advanced features with NanoStation's Expert mode.

    The EM30 includes a motorised 3-axis XYT sample stage as standard, making it efficient and easy to control the position of the sample while in the chamber. Users can navigate the samples visually with the optional "NavCam", which capture an image of the sample holder when loaded into the chamber.

    Imaging Capabilities

    • 5 nm resolution
    • 150,000X magnification
    • 1 - 30 kV beam energy
    • Dual SE & BSE detectors

    Backscatter Electron Detector

    COXEM's EM30 benchtop SEM features dual secondary electron (SE) and backscatter electron (BSE) detectors. The 4 quadrant BSE detector can be operated in Composition mode for atomic weight contrasted images, or Topo mode for producing topographic images of flat samples.

    The BSE detector integrated into the EM-40AX is retractable without disconnection, being able to pivot away to a parking position. This unique feature can only be found in COXEM benchtop SEMs. Retracting the BSE detector allows for a shorter working distance when using the SE detector.

    3-Axis Sample Positioning Stage

    A motorised 3-axis XYT sample position stage ins included as standard with COXEM's EM-30. The a "click to move" interface of the NanoStation operating software, makes navigating around a sample quick and easy. To provide easier examination of a flat sample's topography, the stage can be tilted. Stage tilting is compucentric, adjusting the X axis to ensure the desired region of interest always remains the field of view while tilting.

    Panorama Mode

    Combining the NanoStation operating software with a standard 3-axis motorised stage, has allowed COXEM to develop a Panorama mode. Panorama mode provides high resolution image capture for large samples. Hundreds of thousands of images can be collected across a large sample, through automatic control of the motorised stage. These images are then automatically stitched together by NanoStation, creating a single high magnification image of a large sample.

  • Electron Beam System
    Electron Source Tungsten (EM-30 Plus) or CeB6 (EM-30 LE)
    Resolution 5nm
    Accelerating Voltage 1kV to 30kV
    Detector SE Detector, BSE Detector
    Imaging Capabilities
    Magnification x20 ~ x150,000
    Image Sizes RDE: 320x240
    TV: 640x480
    Slow: 800x600
    Photo: 1280x960, 2560x1920, 5120x3840
    Frame Rates RDE: Max 30 frames/sec
    TV: Max 10 frames/sec
    Slow: Max 2 frames/sec
    Image Formats BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIFF
    Auto Functions Auto Focus
    Auto Contrast
    Auto Brightness
    Auto Filament
    Auto Start
    Sample Positioning Stage
    Stage Type Motorised 3 Axis XYT
    X 35mm
    Y 35mm
    T 0 to 45°
    R 360°
    Z 5 to 50mm
    Maxium Sample Size 60mm in diameter
    45mm in height
    Main Unit Width 400mm
    Main Unit Length 600mm
    Main Unit Height 550mm
Product Options
  • Low Vacuum System

    Optional Low vacuum SEM imaging can be used with COXEM SEMs to image no-conductive samples without coating. Low vacuum operation is used with the BSE detector for imaging.

    Cool Stage

    The Cool Stage is a temperature-controlled sample stage for COXEM electron microscopes. A cool stage can be used to maintain surface features of biological or other wet specimens. Samples can be chilled to -25°C, and also heated up to 50°C.

    STEM Detector

    Full Size and Tabletop SEMs from COXEM can be expanded with Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy (STEM) capabilities with COXEM's STEM Detector. The STEM Detector is retractable to allow standard SEM functions, and features a true TEM detector positioned beneath the TEM sample. Supports BF and DF imaging, and with a holder for 4 TEM grids.

    AZtecOneGO EDS System for COXEM Table Top SEMs

    AZtecOneGO is a fast and simple solution for Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS) in benchtop SEMs. Providing a materials characterisation capability that is powerful yet simple to use, AZtecOneGO is the ideal solution for elemental microanalysis.

    SPT-20 Ion Sputter Coater

    The SPT-20 Ion Sputter Coater is a simple to use, compact and cost-effective solution for sputter coating non-conductive specimens in SEM sample preparation. Features a user friendly touch screen interface, and supports multiple metal types.

    CP-8000 Ion Mill Cross Section Polisher

    The CP-8000 Ion Mill Cross Section Polisher gives a perfect finish for SEM sample preparation. Using an argon ion beam, the CP-8000 gently removes material from a sample's surface without deforming or smearing. Easy to use with a touch screen interface.

    Vibration Isolation

    Vibration Isolation Platforms from Daeil Systems offer great performance at an affordable price, and are ideal for isolating COXEM electron microscopes. The active isolation system eliminates vibration in 6 degrees of movement, and is easy to use with auto levelling.

    Evactron E-Series Plasma De-Contaminator

    The Evactron E-Series De-Contaminators are compact, high performance yet simplified plasma cleaners for Electron and Ion Beam Instruments such as SEMs, TEMs, and FIBs. The E-Series delivers cleaning with simplicity for higher resolution and contrast imaging plus improving detector and probe sensitivity that are compromised by contamination.

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