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  • Critical Point Drying is essential for preserving the surface structure of delicate samples during SEM sample preparation. This Critical Point Dryer features a simple and robust design that is easy to operate and maintain, with a large chamber.

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Product Overview
  • When preparing delicate specimens for SEM imaging, critical point drying is an essential method for preserving surface structures. By taking advantage of the critical point of CO2, the critical point drying method avoids damage to fragile surface features from surface tension effects.

    This Critical Point Dryer features a simple and robust design, which is easy to use and maintain, and safe to operate. The large chamber (63.5 mm diameter x 82mm length) is ideally suited for drying large or multiple samples. Horizontally orientated, a front viewing window makes to easy to monitor the fluid level and monitor the drying process. A rear door allows specimen loading.

    The specimen loader is design to allow samples to be transferred to the chamber while still immersed in the intermediate fluid. This prevents any premature drying out of the samples during loading.

    An external water jacket is used for temperature control, via a source of hot water. Clearly readable dial gauges display the chamber pressure and water temperature during operation. Robust, reliable valves control the draining of fluids, liquid CO2 ingress and venting of gas. A pressure bursting disc safeguards against pressure exceeding a safe level.

Product Brochure

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