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AZtecOneGO EDS System for COXEM Table Top SEMs

Product Features

Key Features

  • X-ray Mapping
  • X-ray Linescanning
  • Spectrum Acquisition
  • Fast Reporting
  • Reliable & Accurate SDD
The AZtecOneGO EDS system, with an example EDS image

Oxford Instruments AztecOneGO

The AZtecOneGO Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS) System from Oxford Instruments is the ideal solution for conducting EDS analysis as quickly and easily as possible. AZtecOneGO provides a materials characterisation capability that is powerful yet simple to use, with proven stability and accuracy. Combining Oxford Instruments' EDS with a COXEM desktop SEM can provide the ideal solution for electron microscopy and materials analysis.

Energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS, EDX, or EDXS) is a key technique for performing elemental analysis. EDS can be performed in-situ inside an electron microscope, as part of a broad suite of materials characterisation approaches.

The AZtecOneGO package consists of the intuitive AZtecOneGO software, and Oxford Instrument's compact x-act Silicon Drift Detector (SDD). Designed for full integration with COXEM's range of desktop scanning electron microscopes, the AZtecOneGO provides EDS capabilities for the COXEM EM-30AX desktop SEM systems.

X-Ray Mapping

With X-ray mapping in the AZtecOneGO software, it is easy see chemistry of a sample and where it is distributed. A layered image, labelled with a colour key, visualises in a single image the phase and element distribution.

The advanced TruMap functionality can eliminate common artefacts and better show a sample's true element distribution. Spectra with overlapping peaks are separated, eliminating false information and improving accuracy.

X-Ray Linescanning

The variation of elemental composition along a line can be visualised with X-ray Linescanning. Major and trace elements can be compared by normalising the display, and performing multiple linescans can be automated.

Spectrum Acquisition

AZtecOneGO can provide detailed analysis, powered by Oxford Instrument's Tru-Q technology. Tru-Q automatically detects and identifies elements, enhancing efficiency and improving quantified results. Sample composition is instantly displayed in the MiniQuant viewer, and acquisitions can be made from points, rectangular, circular or freehand regions.

Fast Reporting

Reports can be generated quickly and easily from the AZtecOneGO software. Data selection and report design can all be customised, and exported in a range of formats.

Compact x-act SDD

  • 30mm2 Chip Size
  • <133ev Resolution

Oxford Instrument's compact x-act Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) is a proven and reliable instrument for delivering accurate quantitative results and all count rates. Features a detector chip size of 30mm2, and resolution of <133eV. Peak position guaranteed to change no more than 1 eV between 1,000 cps and 100,000 cps.

Compact x-act SDD

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