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Alpha-Step® D-600 Stylus Profiler

Product Features

Key Features

  • Highest Vertical Range at 1200μm
  • Low Force Measurements at 0.03 to 15mg
  • Step Height Repeatability of 5Å on a 1μm step
  • High Resolution Colour Camera
  • 200mm Motorised XY Stage
  • Optical Lever Sensor
KLA Alpha-Step® D-600 stylus profiler, with an example 3D surface topography

Flexible & Accurate Surface Measurement

The Alpha-Step® D-600 Stylus Profiler provides unparalleled flexibility and accuracy in surface measurement. 2D & 3D measurement of step height and roughness are supported, as well as 2D bow and stress. By utilising state of the art optical lever sensor technology, KLA are able to provide a wide vertical range, and low force measurement with improved stylus force control. The optical lever technology also provides improved repeatability over conventional force coil systems. KLA’s cutting-edge hardware is further strengthened with powerful software algorithms, providing arc correction as standard to eliminate sidewall effect.

Stylus profilometry is suitable for measuring a wide variety of materials, independent of material properties such as transparency. With the Alpha-Step®’s low force operation, delicate surfaces can be measured accurately and easily.

An example 3D surface topography of a sample

Enhanced High-Resolution Optics

To make operation as simple as possible, the Alpha-Step® D-600 includes a high resolution colour camera system, with 4X digital zoom and expanded lighting controls. KLA’s vision system includes keystone correction algorithms to automatically correct perspective distortions usually induced by side view optics. This combination of hardware and software innovations makes navigating samples and locating measurement targets faster and easier.

Video capture from side view optics, displaying the perspective distortion induced by the position of the optics
Video from side view optics
Video capture from side view optics, with Keystone correction applied, displaying an orthogonal view of the targeted surface
Video with keystone correction

2D & 3D Surface Measurement

With the Alpha-Step® D-600’s motorised sample stage, which features a 55mm scan length, it is possible to produce photo-realistic 3D renderings of surfaces. Details surface topography analysis in 3D is possible for step height, texture, and sample form. The 5mm scan length of the Alpha-Step® D-600 also allows for longer scans, and more efficient measurement of larger samples.

A 2D stress measurement options is also available, which utilises Stanley’s Equation and changes in sample bow before and after processing, to calculate thin film stress. Applications of 2D stress include semiconductor and compound semiconductor devices with multiple process layers.

An example 3D surface topography of a sample of patterned glass

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Data Sheet

KLA Alpha-Step D-600 Data Sheet