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Alpha-Step® D-500 Stylus Profiler

Product Features

Key Features

  • Highest Vertical Range at 1200μm
  • Low Force Measurements at 0.03 to 15mg
  • Step Height Repeatability of 5Å on a 1μm step
  • High Resolution Colour Camera
  • 140mm Manual Stage
  • Optical Lever Sensor
KLA Alpha-Step® D-500 stylus profiler, with an example 2D surface profile image

Accurate & Repeatable Surface Measurement

The Alpha-Step® D-500 Stylus Profiler offers impressive accuracy and repeatability in surface measurement, in a compact footprint and at an attractive price. Capable of performing 2D measurement of step height, roughness, bow, and stress, the Alpha-Step® D-500 has comprehensive capabilities for fundamental surface measurements. KLA’s cutting-edge optical lever sensor technology allows for a high vertical range, and low force operation with enhanced stylus force control. Optical lever sensor technology also improves repeatability when compared to conventional force coil systems. Powerful software algorithms build upon the Alpha-Step’s hardware platform, and provide arc correction as standard, eliminating sidewall effect.

A large range of materials can be effectively measured with stylus profilometry, regardless of material properties such as transparency. The low force measurement made possible by KLA’s technology allows delicate surfaces to be measured accurately and easily.

An example 2D step height profile of a sample’s surface, measured with the Alpha-Step D-500

Enhanced High-Resolution Optics

The Alpha-Step® D-500 makes operating a stylus profiler easier by including a high resolution colour camera system. The camera features 4X digital zoom and flexible lighting controls. KLA’s software uses keystone correction algorithms to further enhance the D-500’s vision system. Keystone correction automatically corrects perspective distortions usually caused by side view options, providing an orthogonal view of a samples surface.

Video capture from side view optics, displaying the perspective distortion induced by the position of the optics
Video from side view optics
Video capture from side view optics, with Keystone correction applied, displaying an orthogonal view of the targeted surface
Video with keystone correction

2D Surface Measurement

A comprehensive range of 2D surface measurements are supported by the Alpha-Step® D-500. Featuring a 30mm scan length, measurement types include step height from nanometres to 1200μm, texture including roughness and waviness, and form including bow and shape. Scan stitching is possible up to 80mm in length. 2D stress measurement is also available as an additional option.

The Alpha-Step D-500 is ideally suited for semiconductor and compound semiconductor applications, such as thin film deposition and etching processes. Low force measurement is supported, enabling the measurement of soft or delicate materials, such as photoresists.

Screenshots of the Alpha-Step operating software, displaying various example 2D surface measurement types

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Data Sheet

KLA Alpha-Step D-500 Data Sheet