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Dimension D3100 Atomic Force Microscope

Servicing, Maintenance & Repairs

As independent service providers, we can offer a wide range of repairs and maintenance for Dimension and MultiMode systems from Digital Instruments and Bruker. Whether your AFM system has broken down and requires repairs, or you are looking for regular servicing and preventative maintenance for an unsupported system, our experienced team can help.

Our technical specialists can provide on-site visits to diagnose and repair faults and perform maintenance, or we can perform maintenance on systems in our dedicated service lab.

MultiMode Atomic Force Microscope and NanoScope IIIa controller

Upgrades, Accessories & Spare Parts

We offer a wide range of AFM upgrades and spare parts for Dimension and MultiMode AFM systems. We can provide upgrade modules for SCM and CAFM, Quadrex and NanoScope 4 controllers, and Signal Access Modules.

Our comprehensive range of spare parts includes AFM scanners, cables, controller power supplies and cooling fans, vacuum pumps, DAFMCH cantilever holders, and replacement trackballs. Full installation and training services can be provided.

A selection of accessories, upgrades, and spare parts for Dimension and MultiMode AFMs

MultiMode & Dimension Windows 10 Data Stations

Upgrade a legacy AFM with a Windows 10 data station. Compatible with Dimension 3000, Dimension 3100, Dimension 5000 and Multimode AFMs, and NanoScope 5 and NanoScope 6 software versions. Video support for AFM vision systems is fully integrated. Featuring fast, modern PC hardware, with full USB and networking capabilities, a Windows 10 data station can extend the life of an AFM, and simplify support and operation. Windows 7 based data stations are also available.

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