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Acoustic Enclosures

Product Features

Key Features

  • Workstation Enclosures
  • Desktop Enclosures
  • High-Access Enclosures
  • Modular Enclosures
  • Vibration Isolation Integration
  • Temperature & EMI Options
Herzan acoustic enclosure, with close up of enclosure lining

Workstation Acoustic Enclosures

For AFMs and other instrumentation requiring a dedicated workstation, Herzan offer a range of workstation acoustic enclosures. Featuring isolation technology using multiple layers of sound-damping material, Herzan’s workstation enclosures ensure effective isolation at both low and high frequencies. Available in a range of sizes, Herzans’s enclosures are easy to move and have large doors to improve accessibility. Customisable with vibration isolation, EMI shielding and more.

Performance Highlights (NanoVault)

  • 50 dB of sound loss @ 100 Hz
  • 33 dB of sound loss @ 250 Hz
  • 28 dB of sound loss @ 500 Hz
  • 33 dB of sound loss @ 1,000 Hz
  • 43 dB of sound loss @ 2,500 Hz
Workstation Acoustic Enclosures

Desktop Acoustic Enclosure

When floor space is limited, but high-quality isolation is still required, The Silencer from Herzan provides excellent acoustic isolation performance in a compact, space-saving form factor. Herzan’s proprietary layering technology ensures than noise reduction is not compromised, while still achieving a small footprint. The Silencer is also light weight and easy to manoeuvre. Possible customisation option include EMI shielding, integrated vibration isolation, and custom sizes.

Performance Highlights

  • 31.6 dB of sound loss at 100 Hz
  • 35.2 dB of sound loss at 500 Hz
  • 34 dB of sound loss at 1,000 Hz
  • 38.7 dB of sound loss at 2,500 Hz
  • 33 dB of sound loss at 5,000 Hz
Desktop Acoustic Enclosure

High Access Acoustic Enclosure

Complex instruments and experimental setups using multiple parts can often require lots of space to operate, and require accessibility to many areas. To maintain ease of access, while still maximising isolation and ensure performance, Herzan have developed The Crypt. Featuring wide opening doors with 180° access, The Crypt can protect even the most demanding equipment. A range of customization options are available, including EMI shielding, temperature control, and custom sizes.

Performance Highlights

  • 31.7 dB of sound loss at 100 Hz
  • 23 dB of sound loss at 250 Hz
  • 33 dB of sound loss at 500 Hz
  • 39 dB of sound loss at 1000 Hz
  • 25 dB of sound loss at 2,500 Hz
High Access Acoustic Enclosure

Modular Acoustic Enclosures

Isolating large, floor-standing instruments such as full-size scanning electron microscopes can be very challenging. Large enclosures can be difficult to install and move, and large instruments require wide-range accessibility to reach controls and load samples. Herzan’s modular acoustic enclosures can be installed around large instruments, and provide multiple access doors, all while maintaining maximum isolation performance. They can also be customised with a range of vibration isolation and environmental controls.

Performance Highlights

  • 23 dB of sound loss at 100 Hz
  • 37 dB of sound loss at 500 Hz
  • 36 dB of sound loss at 1,000 Hz
  • 36 dB of sound loss at 1,500 Hz
  • 39 dB of sound loss at 2,000 Hz
Modular Acoustic Enclosure

Technical Specifications

Enclosure Width Depth Height
AEK-2002 Internal Dimensions 650 mm 731.5 mm 609.6 mm
External Dimensions 815.3 mm 878.8 mm 1404.6 mm
NanoVault Internal Dimensions 876.3 mm 787.4 mm 713.7 mm
External Dimensions 1,016 mm 924.6 mm 1,534.2 mm
AEK-2011 Internal Dimensions 1,376.7 mm 939.8 mm 1,016 mm
External Dimensions 1,562.1 mm 1,1016 mm 1,803.4 mm

Product Downloads


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