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Founded in 2009, CN Tech’s focused and experienced team is dedicated to finding the right solution for customers in UK and beyond.

Specialists in Surface Analysis & Materials Testing Instruments

CN Tech specialises in all areas of surface analysis and materials testing for research and industry. We provide sales and support across a diverse and expanding product range, which includes instrumentation for surface measurement, material and mechanical testing, and microscopy. We also provide environmental isolation solutions, and a range of laboratory supplies.

A Complete Range of Imaging & Metrology Solutions

  • Stylus Profilers
  • Optical Profilers
  • Scanning Electron Microscopes
  • Thin Film Analysers
  • Plasma Cleaners
  • Ellipsometers
  • Nano Indenters
  • Tensile Testers
  • Tribometers
  • 3D Bioprinters
  • Vibration Tables
  • Acoustic Enclosures
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Laboratory Supplies
  • Servicing & Repair

Founded in 2009

Founded in 2009, CN Tech’s focused and experienced team is dedicated to finding the right solution for customers in UK and beyond. With many years of experience in the fields of metrology and nanoscience, our technical specialists can help provide imaging and measurement solutions for a wide range of academic and industrial needs.

We pride ourselves in providing a complete package of analysis and testing solutions. Whatever the application, our skilled engineers can offer new insight in imaging and metrology.

Surface Analysis

Open a window onto the nanoscale world with our range of surface analysis instrumentation, for both imaging and metrology. We provide a comprehensive range of surface metrology tools, including stylus and optical profilometers from KLA, and thin film analysis and ellipsometry from Filmetrics and ULVAC. To visualise surface at the nanoscale, we offer Scanning Electron Microscopes from COXEM.

Materials Testing

Enable new materials research at the nanoscale with our materials testing solutions, including nano indentation and tensile testing. Our range of nano indenters systems from KLA include both standalone and in-situ options. We also work closely with Swift Instruments to provide fully customisable in-situ tensile testing stages to materials researchers. Tribology systems from Rtec Instruments recently joined our extensive selection of materials testing solutions.

Environmental Isolation

Achieve maximum performance of sensitive instruments by protecting them from outside interface, via our isolation platforms and enclosures. Partnering with leading manufacturers of vibration and acoustic isolation systems, CN Tech can help ensure imaging and analysis tools perform at their best. We provide a selection of isolation tables and enclosures from Table Stable, Minus K, and Herzan. Our experienced technical team can help find the ideal solution for almost all isolation requirements.

Lab Supplies

Accomplish great results from effective sample preparation techniques, using our extensive selection of high quality laboratory supplies. CN Tech are UK distributors for Electron Microscopy Sciences. EMS provides a comprehensive range of over 20,000 products including sample preparation supplies, sample storage systems, and microscopy chemicals.

Lab Equipment

Build an efficient and effective sample preparation lab, powered by our innovative and dependable laboratory equipment. From automated slide strainers to fluorescence microscopy packages, tissue processing systems to cryo baths, our range from Electron Microscopy Sciences will suit all sample preparation needs. Our equipment range suits all fields of microscopy, including histology and materials science.


Members of The Royal Microscopical Society

We are proud to be members of the RMS which is is dedicated to furthering the science of microscopy.  It does that through a wide range of activities that support research and education in microscopy, and through enabling microscopists to make advances and developments in microscopy, cytometry and imaging.  

Activities of the society include dissemination of research and news through publications and communication, the organisation of conference, training and networking events, the provision of outreach resources including resources for schools, and through supporting careers through awards and bursaries.

For further information visit their website.

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