CN Technical Services are UK and Ireland distributor for Labthink Packaging Testing Equipment.

Labthink offer an extensive range of packaging testing instruments featuring advanced testing technology and comprehensive configuration ability. Labthink testing instruments offer very flexible testing in a professional environment, which allows for greater accuracy and precision.

Labthink testing instruments have a range of applications across many industrial sectors. These include packaging manufacture, electronics, pharmaceutical and medical, food and beverage production, and the automotive industry.

The following is just a selection of the many testing solutions Labthink can offer:

  • Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR) Testing
  • Water Vapour Transmission Rate (WVTR) Testing
  • Coefficient of Friction (COF) Testing
  • Shrinkage Testing
  • Thickness Testing
  • Tearing Testing
  • Leak Testing
  • Seal Strength Testing
  • Tensile testing
  • Impact Testing

For more comprehensive information and technical specifications, please click here to visit the Labthink website.

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