Effective materials testing covers verification of material characteristics for application trials, detection of defects, analysis of failures, improvement of new materials or conducting basic research on the theoretical strength of materials. Our selected range of equipment allows you to perform these tests.

Hardness Testers – Ernst: Range of Portable, Benchtop and In-Line Hardness Testers available for Rockwell, Brinell and Vickers working principles

Hardness Testers – King by Ernst: The King Brinell Tester units are lightweight, easy to manoeuvre and require only one operator, making them ideal for use as versatile portable units

Universal Testing Machines – Galdabini: A wide range of electromechanical material testing machines suitable for bidirectional tests: tensile, compression, flexure, bending, cycle, constant load, resilience and many others

SEM Indenter – Alemnis: A compact test platform for in-situ materials characterization developed to work inside scanning electron microscopes as well as light microscopes or synchrotrons

Miniature Tensile Tester – MTI: Miniature bend, fatigue, strain, compression and tensile testers designed for use in Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEMs), Atomic Force Microscopes (AFMs) and Light Microscopes (LMs)

AFM for SEM – Nano Analytik: A compact AFM system, applicable in any SEM without chamber modification, for micro manipulation and metrology scanning

X-Ray Diffraction – Inel: The Equinox series of diffractometers available for powder samples as well as bulk samples, single crystallites, liquids and gels

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