Scientific Instrumentation Specialists

CN Technical Services Limited provides a wide range of products and solutions to academics, scientists, and engineers working with surface analysis instrumentation in the fields of Nanoscience and Metrology. Our customers come from a broad spectrum which encompasses academic and industrial research, manufacturing and QA. Our highly skilled technical team average over 10 years’ work experience with surface analysis instruments such as scanning probe microscopes, optical and stylus profilers.

Our services

AFM & profilometers

  • Maintenance service for AFM & profilometers

  • Calibration service for AFM & profilometers

  • Repair of AFMs & Profilometer

  • Contract removal & relocation for AFMs & profilometers

  • Training on AFMs & profilometers

  • Surface analysis service

    Surface analysis service from cntech is

    Sale & leasing of reconditioned AFMs

    Typically we have 5 fully refurbished Veeco/DI/TM systems available for sale or rent at any one time. Should the system or configuration required be unavailable, we can usually build or locate one for you.

    Subcontractors for SPM & SEM installation & service

    This is our service for ubcontractors for SPM & SEM installation & service

    A leading expert in Nanoscience Instruments technologies.

    And a friendly, approachable company that cares about its customers.

    Our partners

    Together with our Partners CN Technical Services Ltd supply a formidable array of products and services. We offer the most complete product and service range within the Metrology industry. This is what helps us as leaders in the international supply and service of Metrology equipment and accessories.
    Harrick Plasma
    Plasma Preen
    Kurashiki Kako
    KLA Tencor
    MTI Instruments
    SCD Probes

    Products and services

    We provide many services and products to clients from around the world. We have experts on hand to solve many issues and Probes, accessories, faraday cages all in stocks ready to be shipped at some of the keenest prices within the industry.
    We would like to introduce SCD Probes. ART™ probes are single crystal diamond (SCD) grown in CVD process and glued to silicon cantilevers for use in AFM. These probes have a long life and are good for imaging high aspect ratio features on surface.

    Customer Service

    When it comes to Nanoscience Instruments and AFM Microscopy technology; The CN Tech team provide exceptional Customer support. setting standards for International support for Machine Sales and Service.

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    Machine Sales

    CN Tech supply and fit a full range of AFM Microscopy and Nanoscience Instruments  and machines. All machine sales for measurement are conducted through our main office in Cambridgeshire.

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    Leading Brands

    CN Technical services carry a large stock to supply and service a full range of the industries with the leading brands for Nano Technology equipment and related reliable and cost effective accessories.

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    Industry Expertise and Experience

    The CN Tech team has at its head, Mr Clive Nottingham. Clive is one of the world’s leading experts in Nanoscience Instruments technologies. As a Leading authority and Internationally respected expert in the field, he travels the world consulting and advising major companies.


    Nanoscience - 15 years
    Metrology- 11 years
    AFM Microscopy - 9 years
    Temperature & Humidity - 7 years

    Miniature Tensile Testers

    miniature bend, fatigue, strain, compression and tensile testers are designed for use in Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEMs),


    Alemnis Nanoindenters Alemnis is specialized in development, manufacturing and integration of customized instruments and tools for micro-mechanical testing.

    Asher / Plasma Cleaners

    Plasma Preen The patented Plasma-Preen Plasma Cleaning/Etching System functions via one of two mechanisms, low temperature oxidation, typically organic material, or by removing metal oxides by spluttering.

    Temperature & Humidity

    Surface nanometrology develops and distributes nanometrology instrumentation with dedication to performance and quality for both temperature and humidity control.

    Faraday Cages

    Herzan’s Faraday Cages provide high performance environmental solutions for precision research instruments. This includes acoustic enclosures, vibration isolation systems, Faraday Cages, and site survey tools. Herzans product range specialises in supporting nanotechnology research and also offer solutions for product testing,

    Vibration & Acoustic

    CN Technical Services Ltd provides a wide range of high performance environmental solutions for precision research instruments. Our products range include vibration isolation systems, Faraday cages and acoustic enclosures